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The Y is a place with purpose

Why We Exist
The mission of this Association is to provide a supportive environment based upon Christian principles for all individuals that nurtures and develops healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.

Who We Are
We are a non-profit (501c3), charitable organization open to all people regardless of age, sex, religion, or income dedicated to putting Christian principles into practice by providing quality programs to the community that build healthy body, mind, and spirit for all.

We are not a health club, but we are a Membership.



In giving effect to our Mission Statement, the YMCA seeks to offer to all who participate in its program opportunities for experience that will help them:

develop self-confidence and self-respect

develop a faith for daily living

appreciate that health of body and mind is a sacred gift

recognize the worth of all persons

develop a sense of world mindedness

develop capacities for leadership



"Folks often say to Y staff and volunteers, "Other health clubs offer so and so." Fact is, we are not a health club . . . We are the largest worldwide fellowship of people of all races, creeds, and economic backgrounds involved in addressing community needs (physical, mental, and spiritual).

The programs and services contained in these pages are brought to the community in the spirit of strengthening basic values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring. The fees attached to the programs and services are designed to recover our cost and to provide for people who may be financially unable to participate. We thank you for your involvement in the DuBois Area YMCA."